Destiny 2: Forsaken – Complete Guide to the Tangled Shore

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Bungie is adding two new zones to Destiny 2 in its Forsaken expansion. The first is the Tangled Shore, a collection of asteroids seemingly chained together to form a dangerous area filled with all manner of enemies and activities for Guardians to participate in. The folks over at Game Informer had the opportunity to capture some early gameplay footage of the Tangled Shore, which we have embedded below. Keep reading for our complete guide on everything there is to know about the Tangled Shore.

Tangled Shore Friends and Foes

Guardians will find all manner of enemies present in the Tangled Shore, but the focus is firmly on the Fallen and the Scorn. A Fallen vendor named The Spider will team up with your fireteam to pursue his agenda and in return assist the Guardians in their hunt for Prince Uldren and the eight Barons. Most of the Forsaken campaign takes place in this zone and players will be able to participate in a new public event and lost sector.

There are Cabal present here, too, as they seem to be everywhere in the sector, but they are on their way out, being pushed by the Scorn. A crashed Hive ship adds to the confusion, and it appears that only the Vex are smart enough to stay away from this melting pot of destruction.

Cryo-Cell Public Event

A new type of public event called Cryo-Cell will occur in the Tangled Shore zone and task Guardians with retrieving a prisoner who escaped from a frozen pod. Keep an eye on our Destiny 2 Guide Hub to learn how to turn this event into its heroic version, something every Guardian should know.

Outlaw Lost Sectors

Outlaw Lost Sectors are a variation of the lost sectors Guardians are familiar with in other locations. In Forsaken, Bungie has added extra challenges to these activities as players are tasked with tracking down convicts that have escaped from the Prison of Elders. The fights will result in unique new boss fights and should provide a bit more variety to existing lost sector experiences.

Be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more information about the new activities and features in Destiny 2: Forsaken and we will add additional details to this guide as they become available.