Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wanted: Blood Cleaver Adventure on Io

He sound’s friendly.

Destiny 2

Every week Spider, the vendor and our uneasy ally in the Tangled Shore in the Reef, will offer several Wanted Bounties for us to complete. These bounties are were added to Destiny 2 in the Forsaken expansion and are reminiscent of Petra Venj’s Wanted Bounties in Destiny. This guide will help you finish the Wanted: Blood Cleaver bounty.

Wanted: Blood Cleaver

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Wanted: Blood Cleaver Adventure on Io

The Wanted: Blood Cleaver bounty is available for purchase from Spider for five Ghost Fragments. Its lore text reads as follows:

“Please make these distractions vacate my premises!” – The Spider

The Wanted Bounties deal with several prisoners that have escaped from the Prison of Elders. You may encounter them on your patrols, and you can recognize them by the “Wanted” part of their name. This particular bounty requires Guardians to be Power Level 500, but in reality, you’ll want to try to be stronger than that. It counts as a Weekly Bounty and will reward you with Powerful Gear.

Blood Cleaver Adventure on Io

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Wanted: Blood Cleaver Adventure on Io

This bounty is the only one that actually appears on the map in the Director. Look for the “Wanted: Blood Cleaver” adventure near Asher Mir in The Rupture on Io.

Note: The adventure that this bounty relates to can change. Just check which of the available adventures on Io says “Wanted: Blood Cleaver” on it and complete that.

How to Kill the Blood Cleaver

This guy is pretty tough to kill. Here’s the general tactic you need to follow:

  1. Enter his shield and destroy the shield generator by meleeing it.
  2. This will spawn a yellow-bar Scorpion turret.
  3. Destroy the turret and pick up the orb.
  4. Depositing the orb in the place where the shield generator was will lower the shield.
  5. Deal damage.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

At some point, a yellow-bar War Hound will appear, be wary of it, as it will do large amounts of damage.

Once you’ve completed the adventure, you’ll be rewarded with Powerful Gear from the Spider when you hand in the bounty from the Quests tab in the Director.