Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Beginner Tips

Destiny 2

The Season of the Drifter is underway, and there’s no better time to play Destiny 2 with your friends. If you still need to catch up in levels, here’s the quickest way you can do that, along with a guide on how to attempt The Reckoning in-between Gambit Prime matches. But right here, we’re going to talk about ways you can become one of the better Gambit Prime contenders and help your team succeed

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Tips

Utilize Blockers

Your team can send over multiple blockers to the enemy’s side at one time. You do this by banking motes in stacks of five, 10, and 15. The more substantial amount you deposit, the stronger enemies you can send over to prevent the enemy team from adding to their collection.

The blockers in Gambit Prime work similarly to the standard version. However, they receive an update, the number of motes you deposit changes the type of enemy you send over. For example, now a valid more strategy settles around having one player depositing five motes, and then another player posting their 15 motes. The reason for this is because the smaller enemies now can shield their larger compatriots, making the larger ones a much more difficult fight.

Communicate is imperative in this, so check with your teammates to see how they’re doing on their pile of motes and coordinate from there.

Lost? It’s Time To Gather Motes

Whenever you’re unsure of what you need to focus on, the best thing you can do is go around the map to kill enemies and gather up motes. It’s never a bad thing to try and help your team out in scoring, especially if you’re a Sentry or an Invader waiting for their chance to sneak over to attack the enemy team.

Always Invade!

The current balance for Gambit Prime weighs heavily towards teams choosing to invade the other. You have three chances to invade the enemy team as you attempt to summon the Primeval, and you need to recognize when those opportunities are about to happen. Losing any amount of time can tip the scales to your opponent’s favor.

Due to this, it means every player needs to pitch in and help when they’re getting invaded. Yes, it’s the Sentry’s task to handle the invader, but any other teammate that lends a hand is going to make a difference.

If you lose a teammate when you’re fighting the match’s final boss, the Primeval, this death heals the boss, and your team suffers from this unfortunate setback.

You Need The Gambit Prime Armor

The new big motivation for you to bounce back and forth between the Gambit Prime and Reckoning quests is to acquire the Gambit Prime armor sets. There are four armor sets in total, and we created a break down for you in another article.

Each of the different armor sets gives you access to a variety of different perks. For example, the Collector armor set gives bonuses for Collectors who consistently acquire motes during the game, and the Sentry set enhances players as they protect the team’s mote bank. The better you perform your role in the squad, the more the armor assists your gameplay.

Kill All Three Envoys

Previously in the old Gambit game mode, players received a buff when they killed one of three Taken Wizards who tagged along with their big boss. Now, your team must eliminate them before they can move on to the Primeval.

You’re going to see two Take Wizards appear when the Primeval shows up. Your team needs to focus on taking them out. Once they’re gone, a third one spawns. After you’ve killed that one, a Well of Light appears where it perished, and you must stand in it to do any damage to the boss. When you’re fighting the boss this way it turns your entire team into an ideal target for any potential invader with an area of effect attack, so don’t bunch up.

Complete the Reckoning

You can’t keep playing through the Gambit Prime over and over again. You need to go through the Reckoning every so often to try and acquire new Gambit Prime armor pieces, along with additional gear. Forgetting to do this makes it easier for you to fall behind and not have the proper equipment to become a useful party member.

Good luck, Guardians, and enjoy the new update.