Destiny 2 – What To Do With Helium Filaments – How To Play The Tire Game

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is here, and if you go to the moon, there’s a machine that wants Helium Filaments on a platform close to Eris Morn. But what does it do? And how do you get Helium Filaments?

What To Do With Helium Filaments – How To Play The Tire Game

Destiny 2 Tire Game Helium Filaments

First of all, you can fill up on Helium Filaments by opening chests. You need to find the filaments on the surface of the moon like any other planetary material. If you collect five of them, you will be able to activate the machine near Eris Morn.

Doing so will cause a tire to roll out of the machine, which can be a little confusing at first. If you follow the yellow and black pipes, they lead down and away from the machine. You will notice that they end in a ramp and there are multiple craters in the ground in front of them.

You can, with skill, push the tire and send it flying down the ramp at speed, hurtling into the air, and potentially landing in one of the holes. So far, I have only managed to get an “average score” in the Tire Game, but I am sure it won’t be long until someone out there does better.

You get three tires to try, and if you land them all in the central crater, I assume you get some form of bragging rights over Eris Morn, who is probably terrible at the game.

Now, I am sure there are other uses for Helium Filaments beyond just sending tires down the ramp. So don’t use them all on the game until further secrets of Shadowkeep get revealed.