Destiny 2 – Horned Wreath Location At The Chamber Of Night

Destiny 2

Shadowkeep launched yesterday, opening up the Moon to use for all kinds of shenanigans, and because Eris Morn is like your third favorite aunt, she is giving us present very slowly, and only after we do a party trick. In this guide, we will show you where to get the Horned Wreath that you need for the Essence of Vanity quest step.

Destiny 2 – Horned Wreath Location

Essence of Vanity

There is a lot of running involved in this one. For the Essence of Vanity quest step, you will need to complete the following:

  • Complete patrols, public event, and Lost Sectors.
  • Kill Enemies with Sniper Rifles
  • Horned Wreath found

The Horned Wreath can be found in the Chamber of Night, but it is quite a journey to get there. Spawn in at Eris Morn, then make your way up the map towards the Hellmouth. When you get there, run down inside until you reach The Gatehouse. Follow the path until you reach a chamber with a door on the right, and run through that door and down the steps.

You will reach a circular chamber and need to run through it to the other side, and out the door. Follow the tunnel, then jump across the platform to the door on the left. When you reach the Circle of Bones, hug the wall to the right and run through the door with the strange, spikey light hanging over it.

This will bring you to the World’s Grave. Run into the chamber, then turn to the right and follow the tunnel. It gets quite dark in here, but there is only one route forward to the Chamber of Night. Run across the Chamber of Night and grab the Horned Wreath before the Ogre there can kill you, and that’s it.

The video above will show you where to go if you want to follow along with it. It doesn’t matter what Power level you are, as you can ignore all enemies on your way to get the Horned Wreath.