Destiny 2 – Garden of Salvation – How To Cheese The Consecrated Mind

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Raids are great fun, and the team that achieves the World’s First finish is, rightly, lauded for their ability, skill, and tenacity. In my opinion, the real heroes are the people who figure out the cheese for these encounters. It is one thing to figure out what you are meant to do in a game; it is another thing to figure out what will break that game and make your live easier. Because lots of people out there love to toy with the Raids in Destiny 2, people have already discovered a cheese for the third phase of the Consecrated Mind encounter in the Garden of Salvation.

How To Cheese The Consecrated Mind

This cheese start can only be done in the third phase of the Consecrated Mind fight. You will need a Hunter with Smoke Grenades to get this to work. In this phase, the Consecrated Mind randomly selects which corridor he is going to venture down, so you cannot automatically trigger the cheese; there is some luck involved. You want to place a Smoke Grenade at the start of the corridor on the right-hand side, then keep it clear of all other enemies.

When the Consecrated Mind chooses that corridor to go down, the Smoke Grenade will interfere with it, causing it to fall down the hole and effectively die. Nobody seems to be quite sure why this happens, but you want to place the Smoke Grenade a little bit back from the edge of the drop. It seems to work pretty well if you place the Smoke Grenade next to the inside face of the column in front of the corridor.

You still need to finish out the rest of the encounter the standard way, because the game won’t release that the Consecrated Mind is dead until you reach the damage phase. You also need to contend with the fact that this is not a common route for the Consecrated Mind, so you will need to be patient to get this cheese to work.

I have included a video from Youtuber Cheese Forever above, where he explains the Consecrated Mind cheese in good detail.