Destiny 2 – How to Use the Sparrow Dodge on PC

Destiny 2

Finally playing Destiny 2 on PC is a delightful experience for many gamers, and Bungie have done an admirable job of creating a PC version that works extremely well. There appears to be one glaring oversight however. The ability to dodge left or right on your Sparrow, while using the mouse and keyboard control scheme, seems to be missing. But is it?

How to Dodge Left and Right

I originally thought that the dodge functionality was just not available on the Sparrows I was using. Or maybe I was blind and didn’t see anything in the Keybindings setting menu. But after a friend realized that dodging while using a game controller was working fine, I decided to dig deeper.

A quick consultation of the DestinyTheGame subreddit reveals that, yes, you can, in fact, dodge left and right with the keyboard. The trick is to double-tap A to dodge left, and double-tap D to dodge right.

Unfortunately, it does appear that Bungie decided to hide this functionality and does not allow us to rebind this action to something else, like the side buttons of a mouse, for example. Here’s hoping that a future quality-of-life update will address this shortfall.

What Control Scheme Do You Use?

Trying to determine how to dodge on the mouse and keyboard brought up a heated discussion here at TL;DR Games: the topic of what control scheme to use on PC. While some of us swear by the mouse and keyboard, the argument was made that a controller is, in fact, the way to go. I’m curious, what do you use? Leave a vote in the poll below. You know, for science.

Poll Closed.

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