Destiny 2: How to Get All Offerings for Altars of Summoning

Make Offerings to Eris during the Altars of Summoning activity in Destiny 2 to unlock various challenges and rewards for completing them.

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The Altar of Summonings is where you’ll be empowering Eris with her newfound Hive magic during Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch. Here, you’ll be conjuring up a variety of enemies to defeat, fueling Eris and her magical powers, and preparing her for the upcoming battle against Xivu Arath, who needs to be defeated by recruiting Savathun for her battle against The Witness.

You can acquire several types of offerings as you play through Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch. These are going to be used during the Altars of Summoning Activity, where you’ll bring about powerful foes to battle against, and earn various rewards. This guide covers how to get all offerings for the Altars of Summoning Activity in Destiny 2.

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Every Ritual Offering for Altars of Summoning in Destiny 2

These Ritual Offerings have a chance to drop while participating in many Season of the Witch activities in Destiny 2, namely from Savathun’s Spire and the Altars of Summonings. The Altar of Summonings is the location where you deposit and use these Offerings, but you can also acquire them upon completing this activity. It’s a good way to keep you in this Summoning arena, but after making various rituals with Eris, you can leave at any time to participate in other things for your weekly Destiny 2 rotation.

There are three known types of Offerings that you can find in Destiny 2: Feeble, Robust, and Powerful. However, there are four pedestals where you can input these offerings, but the fourth one is not active, which means some more powerful offerings may appear further in the future of Destiny 2’s cycle of Season of the Witch.

Each type of offering increases the Ritual of Summoning meter, with more rewards given to you and your Destiny 2 based on the type of Offerings you provided. Although the larger Offerings, such as Powerful, give you more rewards, the challenges required to complete them successfully are far more difficult, and you might want to mix up the type of Offerings you submit to Eris based on your Fireteam.

You can complete the Season of Witch activities as often as you like, but you may need more Offerings to provide Eris. I recommend switching between the Altars of Summoning and Savathun’s Spire to earn enough to get some of the best rewards from the Summoning ritual.