Destiny 2 – How To Get The Anarchy Exotic Grenade Launcher

 Destiny 2 – How To Get The Anarchy Exotic Grenade Launcher

I was all on board with Grenade Launchers pretty early in the life of Destiny 2. While many people seemed to dislike them, I figured they would be one of the weapons that would become more popular in the game over time. I was right, and now there is a new Exotic Grenade Launcher for you to have fun with if you can get it.

How To Get The Anarchy Exotic Grenade Launcher

The Anarchy fires trip mines that connect with ribbons of Arc energy. This energy is fatal to anything that passes through it! A good troll weapon for PvP, and great for setting up kill zones in PvE, there are plenty of people out there who can do a lot of fun stuff with this weapon.

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Unfortunately for many of us, the only way to get the Anarchy is to finish the Scourge of the Past raid that was recently released in the game! With a recommended Power level of 640, this will be out of the reach for many Guardians. So, you gotta get yourself to 640 Power, complete the Scourge of the Past raid, and hope you get the Anarchy as a random drop from doing so.

The only real thing to do here is to play the odds, get as many characters as you can to 640 Power, then complete the Raid with them each week until you get it. Unfortunately, there is no secret ritual you can perform, nor hidden quest you can do, to get this any other way. That we know of. Who knows though, Destiny 2 is full of secrets. For now, though, you want to focus on upping your Power level if you want this weapon, and are not at 640 Power yet. It might be a bit of a slog, but hopefully this Exotic is worth the effort!

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