Destiny 2 – How To Get The Horror Story Auto Rifle – Festival of the Lost 2020

Jump scares.

Destiny 2

Getting your hands on the Horror Story during Festival of the Lost 2020 has change dramatically, so prepare to put some serious work in. The good news for people who already have the weapon unlocked from the last Festival of the Lost is that you can pull it straight out of your Collection. It will have a 1360 Power cap, making it relevant for quite a few season.

For everybody else, you will be relying on caches that you can open in the Haunted Forest that can drop randomly rolled versions of the Horror Story.

How To Get The Horror Story Auto Rifle

You will need to visit Eva in the courtyard and purchase a festival mask from her in the form of the Masquerader’s Mask. This item only costs you 100 Glimmer. Once you have it, you will need to go and visit the Spider. He will need you to play a round in the Crucible, a Gambit Match, or a Strike to earn a Cipher Decoder. After that, you will be able to go on your first run in the Haunted Forest. Just open up your Director, click on the Tower, and there will be a new blue node you can use to access it.

The main grind to getting the Horror Story this time is not actually running the Haunted Forest at all. Each run ends with the chance to open five caches, as long as you have Cipher Decoders. The grind comes from trying to get those to drop in the first place. Gambit match, Crucible matches, Strikes, Heroic Daily Missions, and Nightfalls can all drop them, and you can also get them as random world drops.

The problem is that the drop rate is currently very low, and it takes a long time to grind them up. Right now, we don’t really have a solution for this. Running the quickest activity you can find is the way to go, with some players claiming they can drop from Patrols, while we have had some success with Heroic Daily Missions. Just keep smashing away at the game, then finishing Haunted Forest runs to open the caches, and hopefully, you will get lucky.