Destiny 2 – An Imperial Summons | The Invitation | Full Quest Guide

Imperial Summons

Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence has begun, and the first task you will need to complete is the Imperial Summons quest. This quest will get you access to the Chalice of Opulence, the Menagerie, and the new Crown of Sorrow Raid. In this guide, we will run through the quest, step by step, and get you ready to impress Calus in no time.

An Imperial Summons, The Invitation Quest Guide

An Imperial Summons

The first step is to visit Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. He has moved from his usual spot, and you’re now going to find him at the Annex, close to the Drifter. Speak with him to receive The Invitation.

The Invitation – Speak To Ikora

The next step is to go and talk to Ikora. She will give you some items at 690 Power if you need a little boost.

The Invitation – Go To Nessus

Up next, it’s off to Nessus, to find the Imperial Barge. It’s pretty easy to find, spawn in at The Watcher’s Grave, and you will see it floating in front of you, all posh looking. Jump up on the stones, then onto the ramp, and move up into the Barge to find Werner 99-40.

Cracked Chalice

Werner 99-40 will give you a cracked Chalice of Opulence that you need to repair. The first step requires you to get 10 Chalice Fragments by killing Cabal on Nessus. Use this guide to find them easily.

Mended Chalice

Now that you have the Chalice parts that you need, you need a way to stick them together. You’re going to receive materials from the Vex, so you need to kill 25 Vex on Nessus with melee kills. To quickly find Vex on Nessus, use this guide.

The Invitation – Defeat Cabal At The Conflux Lost Sector

For the next step, it is off to the Conflux on Nessus. You can use this guide to find it quickly. Just work your way through the Lost Sector, kill the yellow bar enemy, then loot the cache to get your hands on 1000 Imperials, and significant new currency in the game.

The Invitation – Upgrade The Chalice

Go into your Pursuits tab in the Director, and click on the Chalice. You will be upgrading the only available node using the Imperials you received.

The Invitation – Glorious Harvest

With the last step complete, you can check your Pursuits, and you will find a Bounty called Glorious Harvest. This Bounty requires you to generate Orbs of Light, earn Experience, and complete a Challenge. A Challenge is a Milestone. You should be able to wrap this up in a single Strike very quickly.

The Invitation – Imperial Treasure Map

Once you finish Glorious Harvest, a new item will appear in your Inventory called the Imperial Treasure Map. You will need to find the Well of Flames, and loot a chest there. To help you out, follow this useful guide. You will receive a Chalice Rune from the chest.

The Invitation – Chalice Rune

Up next, you want to slot the Rune into the Chalice. Just go to the Pursuits tab in the Director, click on the Chalice, and put the Rune in the available slot.

The Invitation – Return To The Barge

Now, return to the Imperial Barge on Nessus and speak with Werner 99-40 again. He will tell you to go to the Menagerie.

The Invitation – The Menagerie

To get to the Menagerie, go to your Director, look at Nessus, then scroll down to the part that shows Calus’ ship. You should see a symbol on the ship for the Menagerie. You’re going to enter a six-player activity with matchmaking, so click on it and have some fun in there. You need to open the chest at the end to complete this step.

The Invitation – Menagerie Triumph

Once you have successfully looted the end chest in the Menagerie, you need to claim the Triumph for it. To to your Triumph tab in your Inventory, then the Destinations tab and the Menagerie to claim it.

The Invitation – Upgrade The Chalice

One more, head to the Chalice in the Pursuits tab and take the only available upgrade there.

The Invitation – Return To Werner 99-40

Once again, back to Nessus, we go. Head for the Barge and speak with Werner 99-40. You will need to claim a chest on the Barge. If you have difficulty locating them, use this guide.

And that’s it! All currently available steps in the quest are now complete! You will want to get about earning Imperials to be able to upgrade your Chalice of Opulence. If any more steps become available as we get deeper into the content, we will be sure to update this guide.