Where Are The Izanami Forge Drones In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2

You will need to find the Forge Drones in the Izanami Forge if you wish to get Maximum Temper during your runs. Destroying both will set the Forge to Maximum Temper, allowing you to progress in the Mysterious Box quest for the Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle.

Where Are The Izanami Forge Drones In Destiny 2?

The Izanami Forge is located on Nessus. Spawn at Architect’s Edge, then head for The Hollows and drop down into the lower level. Keep to the right and make your way around the cavern, and you will see a small Vex Portal on the wall. Head in there to find the path to the Izanami Forge.

The Forge consists of three platforms. The central platform is where the Forge itself can be found, while the platforms to the left and right will spawn adds while the Forge is underway, and each one will also spawn a Forge Drone.

Izanami Forge Drone Right

The Forge Drone to the right will spawn beside the tall column show in the image above. It is quite easy to see from the central platform.

Izanami Forge Drone Left

The Forge Drone on the left will spawn right beside the outermost pillar on the right-hand side, as you face the platform from the center. If you need to get both Drones, it is best to take up a position on the central platform for the duration of the run. You will need to look after a busy platform, and ensure all the Orbs thrown by teammates make it to the Forge, but you can be sure you will take out both Drones after they spawn in. Just equip a sniper rifle to make it easier to do.

Now you know where both Drones spawn, remember that you don’t even need to kill the boss. All you need to do is finish a run at Maximum Temper, and you can progress the quest.