Destiny 2 – How To Join Clans And Earn Clan Rewards

Destiny 2

Clans in Destiny 2 work quite differently to Clans in the original game. With Guided Games, Clan rewards, and Clan Banner rewards there are many reasons to make sure you join one.

Starting Your Own Clan

To start your own clan, just follow this link to Bungie’s website, where you can set up your Clan, choose your Clan name and tags, and pick your emblem.

How To Join A Clan

The easiest way to join a clan is in game. Through the Roster screen you can examine someone who is already in a Clan you want to join, then send a request to join yourself.

You can also use this link to go to your Clan section on Bungie’s website and use the search function there to find the clan you wish to join, and send them a request. Alternatively, if a friend is in the Clan already you can ask them to send you a direct link to the Clan’s page. They can find the URL by simply logging into Bungie’s site and going to the “My Clan” section.

How To Earn Clan XP

Once you have joined, you can begin earning Clan XP. You can earn up to 5000 XP each week, giving you a Powerful Engram as a reward. All Clan rewards are collected from Hawthorne in the Tower. In order to earn XP you can do almost any activity in the game. Here is a quick run down of what activities will earn you XP, and how much you will get.

  • Completing a Story Mission – 500XP
  • Playing a Crucible Match – 500XP
  • Finishing a Patrol – 250XP
  • Finishing an Adventure – 500XP
  • Completing a Public Event – 500XP

All Clan members can earn 5000XP a week, which is added together to determine Clan rank. Each level of rank will offer a new benefit to Clan members. There perks are:

  • Level 2 – Gain additional Glimmer when looting Engrams
  • Level 3 – Increase Public Event rewards
  • Level 4 – Improved rewards from eliminating Cabal enemies
  • Level 5 – Increased chance to receive reputation tokens when completing a Nightfall, Raid or Trials of the Nine
  • Level 6 – Increased chance to receive an Engram when completing playlist activities with a Clan member

Guide Games

Clan members can also partake in Guided Games as Guides. To learn more about Guided Games check out our Guide. You can also find all manner of other helpful advice for Destiny 2 in our Guide Hub.