How To Level Up Fast in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drift is live right now, and you can jump right into the action. Unfortunately, if you’ve taken a break from the game you’re likely going to have to do some grinding to catch up with the rest of the players to try out the new content. But there is a way to quickly run through the game so you can reach the Light level 640 and start making some noise in the new Gambit modes. For those wondering, the new level cap is 700, so it doesn’t get you straight to the top, but it considerably helps you.

Leveling Up Fast

The first thing you need to begin your leveling journey is to purchase Destiny 2’s year two Annual Pass for Season of the Drifter. With it, you have access to a lot of premium content you won’t find in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s base expansion. It takes the endgame up a notch by adding in these exclusive pieces of gear, raids, missions, and things to do with your friends. You can buy this from Bungie’s website at this location for the PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

After you’ve acquired the Annual Pass, you’re ready to go through a few hours of gameplay to achieve Light Level 640. Your next step is to go and find the Drifter, who is inside the Tower at the Annex, which is to the left of the Bazaar. Go down and talk to him quickly, and you’re going to receive four Power Surge bounties.

These Power Surge bounties serve as ways for you quickly level up. You need to complete all of them to receive the power boost. They’re broken up into four different modes, with two different tasks for you to complete.

Tactical Refresher
  • Complete a Crucible Match
  • Kill 10 Guardians
Fireteam Up
  • Complete a Strike
  • Defeat 50 enemies in a Strike
I’ll Make You Rich(er)
  • Complete a Gambit match
  • Send five blockers in Gambit
Inner Systems Tour
  • Complete two Public Events
  • Complete three Destination Bounties

You shouldn’t need to go through the missions more than once, but if you do, it’ll only be for a second time. After you complete all of them, you should reach Light level 640, and you need to reach Light level 650 to start competing in Destiny 2’s new Gambit Prime. Also, to accept these quests from The Drifter, your Guardian must be level 50.

Good luck in Gambit Mode, and if you’re eager to check out the new armor sets you’re going to want to use in this new game mode, check them out over here.