Destiny 2 – Make Bows Not War Quest Guide

Destiny 2

Banshee-44 has a new Exotic Quest for us! When you log in to Destiny 2, head for the tower and speak to Banshee. He will have a new Exotic for you to hunt down. Up first, you need to find his workshop, but Banshee has forgotten where it is.

Make Bows Not War Quest Guide

Step 1 – The Back Way

Up first, you need to get into Banshee’s Workshop. Being the forgetful type, Banshee can’t give us any directions, so you need to find out where it is yourself. I have already found it, so the video above will show you where to go. All you need to do is head for Hangar. Just before you enter the Hangar itself, look up and to the left. You will see a walkway up there, that is where you need to go. Run up the steps to the right, all the way to the top, then make your way across the walkway towards that original left side. Jump onto the large pipe, run along it, then jump to the walkway you need to be on. I will let the video do the rest of the talking, as the directions get a little complicated.

Step 2 – Where Are The Keys, Sir

The weapons locker is, of course, locked, so return to Banshee!

Step 3 – Intro To Safecracking 101

Up next, you need to play Gambit or Strikes to generate information for the keycode! So hit up the Gambit or Strike playlists and get to work! Gambit Prime and the Nightfall Strikes will offer you the best progress. Just keep grinding them until the bar reaches 100%

Step 4 – Advanced Safe Cracking 201

Use a bow to land precision final blows against either Vex or Cabal enemies. You will need to generate 75 Data via final blows.

Step 5 – Economics of War

You need to replay the particular version of The Arms Dealer Strike in the European Deadzone on Earth.

Step 6 – Applied Cryptosecurity

Return to Banshee!

Step 7 – Martial Archery 401

Head back to the Workshop to claim your new Exotic Bow!