Destiny 2 – Mayhem Crucible PvP Guide

Destiny 2

The Dawning sees the return of a fan favorite mode in the form of Mayhem. Mayhem is a place where the standard rules of the Destiny world, and the Crucible, no longer apply. Instead, you have a frantic dash between players as they unleash enough abilities to wipe each other off the server.

Mayhem Rules

In Mayhem mode, the rules are a little different to most other game modes in the Crucible. Two team of four players go head to head in the Clash game mode. With a time limit of 10 minutes, the first team to get to 125 eliminations is the winner. Where things get wild is that your abilities and supers will charge at a much faster rate than usual. Respawns are practically instant, meaning the level is always filled with people killing each other. Finally, power ammo spawns are also much faster than usual, which leads to intense hot spots of action that roll across the map.

Mayhem Tips

First things first, go into Mayhem for a good time, not necessarily for a win. There is no attempt to balance things here, and quite simply, some supers will be far more effective than others. I fully expect Nova Warp Warlock builds to eat servers alive, while Hammer Titans and Nightstalkers will still be complete monsters as well. Rather than lamenting the fact that your usual subclass might not be that strong in Mayhem, be willing to switch it up and follow the fun.

Bring a strong power weapon with you, something that can still worry an enemy who is mid super. A clutch kill on a guy who was about to wipe out a lot of people feels fantastic. Rocket Launchers and Fusion Rifles can really rain on an enemy’s parade.

Don’t bother worrying about precision weapons. If you are aiming down a Sniper sight in Mayhem, then quite frankly, you are doing it wrong. Focus on your positioning, and awareness of enemies. If you hear a Super going off, then position yourself to take out that guy before he can get you. Either counter with your own super, or get ready to put a rocket in his face.

Finally, spam your grenades. They will recharge fast, and using them to herd enemies into a kill zone for someone else on your team can be the difference between winning and losing. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Mayhem is really about the madness and is not a place anybody should be worrying about their kill/death ratio.

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