Destiny 2 – How to get the Rat King Exotic Sidearm

Rodent royalty.

Destiny 2

The Rat King is an interesting weapon in Destiny 2. It sits in the Kinetic Weapons slot, and it looks like it should be a Hand Cannon, but it is actually a Sidearm. It also has a very interesting perk, as it gets stronger if nearby Guardians are also using it. It might be a weapon that you wish to experiment with in your loadout, so in this guide, we will show you how to get it.

The Rat King benefits from two main traits that make it an interesting option. First, the Rat Pack trait. This Sidearm will fire full-auto and will get strong if more Rat Kings are close, stacking up to six times. This has made it an interesting DPS option for certain Raid encounters in the part.

It also benefits from the Vermin trait. If you reload directly after scoring a kill, you will be granted a brief period of invisibility. This is especially valuable on classes that cannot normally gain access to any invisibility.

To get the Mida Multi-Tool, you will need the following resources:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 100,000 Glimmer
  • 150 Helium Filaments
  • 1 Ascendant Shard

Exotic Ciphers

These are difficult to get, and each weapon from the Archive needs one in order to obtain it. You can only obtain them from the Season Pass, or by completing a weekly mission for Xur. You can also only hold one at a time, putting a lot of pressure on you to get the other resources you need if there are lots of guns you want to get over the course of the season.

Helium Filaments

This is the planetary resource that you can get from the Moon. If you equip the right mods on your Ghost Shell you will be able to find chests and resource nodes quickly and easily, making farming it up pretty easy to do.

Ascendant Shards

Another difficult to get resource, you can find a full guide on how to get them here. To give you a brief overview, you will need to get them from the following sources:

  • You can buy them from Banshee-44 in the Tower
  • Via the later stages of the Season pass
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal at Master difficulty or higher