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Destiny 2 – Rocket Launcher Tier List (For PvP & PvE)

Everybody loves a little boom with their gunplay, so here's our thoughts on the Best rocket launchers in Destiny 2.

With such a huge variety of guns available, some choices are never out of style, and the rocket launcher is set firmly in that timeless category. Whether in PvP or PvE, it’s a good idea to have a way to blow your opponent back into a compromising spot and many power weapons are designed to give you the most bang for your buck. But, just like any weapon in these types of games, some do the job better than others. In the case of rocket launchers, here’s our take on how each one ranks among its peers.

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Rocket Launchers Tiers

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TiersRocket Launchers PvE
SCold Comfort, Eyes of Tomorrow, The Hothead, Apex Predator, Gjallarhorn, Two-Tailed Fox, Hezen Vengeance
ASemiotician, Bump in the Night, BrayTech Osprey, Blowout, Ascendancy, Deathbringer
BTruth, Bad Omens, Code Duello, Shining Sphere, Heretic, Hoosegow, Palmyra-B, Red Herring, Roar of the Bear, Royal Entry, Shining Sphere, Sleepless, Subzero Salvo, Tomorrow’s Answer
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TiersRocket Launcher PvP
SEyes of Tomorrow, Gjallarhorn, Two-Tailed Fox,
ADeathbringer, The Wardcliff Coil, Hezen Vengeance
BAscendancy, BrayTech Osprey

Tier S

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For this tier, we considered the perks and archetypes and how effective they are in each game mode. We settled on our choices based on what we see being used often in the hardest content, such as the Gjallarhorn, which’s really good at rapidly dealing a lot of damage thanks to its exotic perk. PvP-wise, the Two-Tailed Fox can shoot multiple rockets with Void and Solar properties, which is good for those looking for a weapon with no setup.

Tier A

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At this tier, the choices are solid but aren’t as balanced as the tier above. Even still, you can find something in this tier that can be useful in many situations, like the Ascendacy, which has auto-tracking. For PvP, it’s a good idea to get a feel for what the weapons do well, like the Hezen Vengeance, which can use the Cluster Bomb roll, which has great AoE potential.

Tier B

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Every weapon that made it to this tier is very flawed and should only be considered if nothing else is available. You may notice that the tiers are different from PvP to PvE, but this is purposeful, as in PvP, you want to focus on weapons that deal splash damage or work well with movement. Take, for example, the BrayTech Osprey that’s A-tier PvE and B-tier PvP, mostly due to the damage for its being more effective when standing still. You can’t afford to do that for PvP, especially this season.

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