How to earn lots of faction tokens in Destiny 2’s season 3 Faction Rallies

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Faction Rallies have received an overhaul for season three, and earning tokens to rank up to earn exclusive gear works a bit differently now.

If you want top prizes like the Graviton Lance Masterwork Catalyst at Dead Orbit rank 50, you’re going to need to grind out a lot of packages. Fifty ranks at 20 tokens a pop means you’ll need 1,000 total tokens to achieve it. So let’s get grinding.

Renown is a key new addition in season three. Completing tasks like patrols or Public Events will earn you Renown, which can stack up to five times. The higher your Renown stack, the more difficult the game becomes.

The more Renown you have means that enemies will deal more damage and you will deal less damage. The best way to earn the most tokens using Renown is to complete a Lost Sector with high Renown stacks.

Completing a Lost Sector with three-times Renown will earn you 19 tokens. Completing one with five-times Renown will grant you 41 tokens, but the enemies will be very strong and you’ll be very weak, so the challenge is there. Although you’ll get 41 tokens for finishing your first Lost Sector run at five-times Renown on each character, you’ll only earn 10 tokens for each run after that.

You can run three-times and five-times Renown Lost Sectors on each character to earn bonus tokens every day, but after that, you will only get plus one token for each Renown up to five, when you will earn ten tokens.

Renown adds a new wrinkle to Faction Rallies and is honestly a fun addition to the game. You can run Public Events for five tokens apiece, but the best way to earn tokens in bulk is to challenge yourself and enter Lost Sectors, which are marked throughout the map on all destinations.

If you want to earn everything that the vendors have to offer, the grind is real in Destiny 2 once again. Get out there, earn Renown, and start stacking up tokens—and before you know it, you’ll have some of the coolest, rarest loot in the game.