Destiny 2 – The Floor is Lava Jumping Puzzle

Destiny 2

After completing the Destiny 2 campaign and returning to the Tower, Guardians can participate in several secrets. This jumping puzzle in the style of “The Floor is Lava” is an easy way to show off your skills. The jumps are easier to complete than the Sentry 4 jumping puzzle in the Farm.

Don’t Pick Me Up

If you’ve spent any time exploring around the Tower, you might have come across an area at the top of the path overlooking the main courtyard. It lets you interact with something that simply states “Don’t Pick Me Up.” Naturally, curious Guardians will do the exact opposite, thus launching a “The Floor is Lava” jumping puzzle.

The puzzle is very simple. Have a look around for a beam of light. That’s your target. In order to successfully complete the jumping puzzle, reach the goal without touching the floor. Because it’s Lava. Get it?

We’ve seen the goal location show up in two places. It can either be in the middle of the catwalk between Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx, or just the left of Zavala. Reaching the latter is much easier, as getting to the goal on the catwalk requires you to land a jump on a railing.

The first few jumps are the same regardless. Start off by jumping down onto the red boxes. From there, jump onto the yellow tanks and then over to the air-conditioner.

Once you’ve reached the target, you’ll get a temporary Quickness buff and have increased speed and jumping abilities. This is similar to the effect gained by completing the jumping puzzle in the Farm. Be careful, it’s tempting to use your newly gained powers to jump to places that are out of bounds. Death will surely follow.

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