How To Fix Destiny 2 “Servers are not available” and “Servers At Capacity” Errors

Nobody likes an error.

Destiny 2

With the Weekly Reset in Destiny 2 comes a flood of Guardians all eager to get into the game to start getting through their weekly challenges, and new content, especially on days where a new season begins. Today, some players have been having trouble getting into the game.

A mix of errors has been meeting people who are trying to log in, with the two most common issues being an error message saying “Destiny 2 servers are currently unavailable”, and “Destiny 2 servers are currently at capacity”. Other players have just been stuck at trying to sign in to the game.

Have no fear, as Bungie is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. This can happen from time to time with just about all games. It appears to be affecting players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and is largely down to the start of the new season as people try to rush into the servers. It also seems to be an intermittent problem, so if your friends can get on and you can’t, don’t worry about it too much.

It usually doesn’t take Bungie all that long to fix a problem like this, at least based on times it has happened in the past. It is more than likely tied into the weekly maintenance that occurs before the reset. All you can do is wait it out, and keep an eye on the Bungie Help Twitter account to see when they have it resolved. There isn’t much else to be done at your end, as the issue won’t be with your game, nor will it be with your internet.

All you can do is sit back and wait to get back into the game, as Bungie will need to spin up more servers or simply wait for the tide of players to stop hammering their infrastructure.