Destiny 2 Stuck on Signing In Error – Fix and Explanation

Destiny 2 is experiencing some issues at this time.

Image via Bungie

There have been multiple problems when several Destiny 2 players try to jump into the game simultaneously. One of the many common issues with the game is attempting to get past the log-in screen, and your application is trying you’re trying to sign into the game. It typically has to do with the server status. In this guide, we will cover the Destiny 2 server status and how to log on when stuck on the signing-in message.

Destiny 2 Server Status

There are two ways to check Destiny 2’s server status. The first is to investigate the Bungie Help twitter account. You can typically find out pretty fast if the game has universal problems because this twitter account will notify the community about any issues. If the team over here has shared an update, you might need to wait until the Destiny 2 development team has solved these issues before logging into the game.

The second way to double-check the Destiny 2 server status is by investigating DownDetector to see if other players are also going through some issues.

How to fix Destiny 2 stuck on signing in message

The best way to fix this problem is to wait until the Destiny 2 team has fixed the server problems. You can do little beyond waiting for the issues to iron out. You can try logging into the game, waiting, and then dropping out of it to log in at a later point. We don’t recommend sitting on the loading page as there’s little you can do from your side. You can expect the Destiny 2 server issues to have multiple problems whenever the game resets or before a major update.