Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides quest guide

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The Pigeon Provides is a quest that players can complete as part of The Dawning 2021 event in Destiny 2. For this quest, they will need to track down assorted ingredients to make a special Eliksni cookie for Saint 14.

After starting the quest by visiting Eva in the Tower, players will need to go visit Saint 14 who can be found in the Hangar near his ship.

Step 1 – Find the Eliksni recipe in the Eventide Ruins

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The first step involves players traveling to the Eventide Ruins area on Europa. You can spawn at the spawn point in the area itself, then turn around and drop down the cliff face behind you. Follow the marker down a small slope and you will find the recipe.

Step 2 – Get the ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips

  • 3 Pure Ether Extract – can be found in the boss cache chests at the end of Lost Sectors on Europa
  • 10 Harpy Eggs – can be found by defeating Vex Harpies. They can be found in Lost Sectors and near the Asterion Abyss area.
  • 5 Glacial Starwort – this is the planetary material of Europe, and can be found all over the area in small glowing containers.

For this step, we would suggest running The Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge a couple of times and you will finish it up quickly.

Step 3 – Collect enough Dawning Spirit to purchase Kellsdough from Spider.

You can early dawning spirit by delivering Dawning Gifts and completing Dawning Triumphs. You can also use the Boon of Friendship consumable that you can get from Eva. The easiest way to quickly gather up Dawning Spirit is to finish the Bounties from Eva Levante. She has two that will award 10 Dawning Spirit each that are easy enough to finish up.

Step 4 – Etheric Spiral and Kellsdough

  • Etheric Spiral can be found growing all over the Tangled Shore
  • Visit the Spider in his lair to get the Kellsdough

Step 5 – Visit Saint-14

Up next, go and visit Saint-14 in the Hangar of the Tower.

Step 6 – Deliver to the Eliksni

Make your way to the Eliksni Quarter via the HELM. When you get there, give any 10 random Fallen some treats.

Step 7 – Return to Saint-14

Once again, make your way back to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar.

Step 8

Return to Eva in the Courtyard to wrap up the quest.