Destiny 2 Sanguine Alchemy: How To Get Sanguine Alchemy Warlock Chest Armor

 Destiny 2 Sanguine Alchemy: How To Get Sanguine Alchemy Warlock Chest Armor

Sanguine Alchemy is one of the exotic items (special and rare gears) in Destiny 2. You can check out the screenshot of it below. It is an Exotic Chest Armor Piece for Warlocks and looks absolutely stunning. In order to use Sanguine Alchemy in Destiny 2, you will have to unlock it. Currently, there are two ways to get Sanguine Alchemy in Destiny 2. We have listed both methods below.

How And Where  To Find Sanguine Alchemy

How And Where To Find Sanguine Alchemy

The first way to unlock Sanguine Alchemy in Destiny 2 involves Exotic Engrams. You can get this exotic chest armor piece via Exotic Engrams. Sadly, with Exotic Engrams you will just have a chance of getting Sanguine Alchemy, there’s no guaranteed that you will find it.

The second method comes with a guarantee that you will be able to get Sanguine Alchemy and use it in Destiny 2. The only catch here is that the second method will work until the weekend of January 4 (until January 8). Xur, one of the well-known vendor is Destiny 2 is currently selling Sanguine Alchemy.

How to Get Sanguine Alchemy From XUR

You will have to make a visit to XUR at “EDZ: Winding Cove”. He is selling Sanguine Alchemy for 23 Legendary Shards. If you have want Xur is asking for then don’t waste your time, give him a visit before he departs.

If you still haven’t made up your mind on whether your 23 Legendary Shards are worth spending on Sanguine Alchemy then check out the stats and perks details of this Warlock Chest Armor below.

  • Power: 650
  • Resilience: 1
  • Recovery: 2

Sanguine Alchemy Armor Perks

  • Heightened Senses: Standing in a Rift grants you and your allies heightened senses, allowing you to retain your radar while aiming down sights. Additionally, nearby powerful enemies are visually marked and can be tracked without line of sight.
  • Mobility Enhancement Mod: Increased Mobility.
  • Restorative Mod: Increased Health Recovery.
  • Unflinching Sidearm Aim: Reduces flinching from incoming fire while aiming Sidearms.
  • Primary Ammo Finder: Increases the drop chance of Primary ammo on the kill.