Destiny 2 Vault of Glass – Spire Encounter guide and opening the door

Knock, knock.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

The very first thing Guardians will need to do in Vault of Glass is open the main door and make their way into the raid itself. Players will be loaded into Venus, into a large area that contains three different plates. There will be one on the left, one up high in the middle just before the door, and one on the right.

The fireteam will need to stand on all three plates at the same time until they capture them, and this will cause a Vex Spire to start building in the center of the arena, in front of the door. When the Spire is fully built, a beam of light will shoot out from it and crash into the door, causing it to open.

The important thing to remember here is that progress will only be made if players can hold all three plates at the same time, but progress is only lost if players lose control of all three plates at the same time. Players can lose control of the plates if a Vex Minotaur manages to walk to the plate and capture it.

For teams that are struggling, the best thing to do is time taking all the plates at the same time, but not worry about losing the central and right plates. The left plate is the easiest to hold and should be the focus for keeping any progress.

The fireteam will need to split up into three groups of two, and it is a good idea to have each group contain a Titan or Warlock who can cast bubble or well to keep them alive on the plate, and another character with good add clear to get rid of the mobs. They can then take all three plates, cast protective supers to make progress, clear all the adds, then retreat as a team and hold the left plate while building up their supers again, and repeating the process.

The biggest threat in this encounter is certain the three Cyclops that spawn in, one at each plate. By taking their health down to just a small amount, then killing them right as they take the plates, the team will buy a good window of time to make progress without needing to deal with them.