Destiny 2 – Vex Mind Components Guide

Destiny 2

Vex Mind Components are a reward that you can get from the Seasonal Pass by Ranking up. You might be wondering what they do, and we are the hero to help you out.

Destiny 2 – Vex Mind Components Guide

As you rank up your Seasonal Pass in Destiny 2, you will get Vex Mind Components as a reward. In the item description, it tells you to offer them to Ikora in exchange for Vex weapon artifacts.

At the moment, taking them to Ikora will do nothing at all. We all must wait until the Vex Offensive begins before we will be able to use them. The Vex Offensive will start on Oct. 5, the same day as the new Raid, and will feature a new in-game activity where you take on the might of the Vex.

Not much is known about it right now, but if you look carefully at the map of the moon in your Director, you will see Vex Invasion Zones are marked out there.

So, until the fifth, you should stay ranking your Seasonal Pass, completing Shadowkeep content, and leveling up as much as you can so that you will have plenty of might on your side when the Vex shows up.

As soon as the Vex Offensive begins, and we know more about Vex Mind Components and their uses, we will update this guide accordingly.