How To Farm Power Level Fast & Level Up 300+ for Warmind – Destiny 2

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To play Warmind DLC of Destiny 2 you will have to reach certain power level or else it would be really tough to progress. There are very few missions in the game, but enemies get tougher with different levels. Those who had completed the games along with its first expansion and regularly playing up various public events, they won’t have to work on the Power Level. Same is applicable to participants of Leviathan Raid, who had crossed Power Level 290. But if you had stopped playing after the main story or not even completed it, then possibly in this guide you will find necessary info to increase your Power Level to reach a respectable point. So if you are around somewhere near to Power Level 220 then you have to bit work on it to increase it to at least 310 or higher for a good Warmind campaign experience. Even though it is a short story but it’s worth to play.

Farm Power Level Warmind

Farm Power Level To Play Warmind DLC

To start playing Warmind campaign you will need to reach PL 310+, it is the recommended level. It does not mean you cannot play, but if you are low on Power Level and you start the story you will find really tough to progress. As enemies are stronger and they can kill you in one shot. So, as usual, it is going to consume a lot of time to finish the game. The Level cap to play Warmind DLC is 30, whether you have the first expansion or not. The higher the level you have, the better Power Level gears you will get. This simply means a Level 30 guarding is going to get more powerful gears than a lower level guardian. So just go through tips below for boosting your Power Level for Warmind DLC.

Tips to quickly farm Power Level for Warmind DLC

Play Adventurs:

Go through the map once and play all the left-over adventures, if you have the first expansion Curse of Osiris then start playing it and go through all the adventures you find in it. Playing the first expansion is worth for Power Level upgrade. The quest offered in it are low PL but so you can finish them pretty easily and reach somewhere Level 24. Also, the expansion has a lot of things that can reward you a decent Power Level. You can play various Public Event and collect a good amount of drops and rewards. Explore the Lost Sector where you can get treasures by killing the VIP. So playing the first expansion is possible the easiest way to boost up your PL.

After you are have done playing Adventures on a planet, you will unlock Heroic Adventures. Talk to the faction leader for this quest, there is also a higher level quest that will reward you more XP in the end.

XP Boosting Medallions:

Destiny 2 has XP Boosting Medallions, these are found in gifts you will have to visit every vendor in the tower. It is also available as digital code with promotional products.

Public Events:

Replaying public event continuously is also a good way to farm XP to level up your character. You can pick a planet and start playing the public events, try focusing more on the Heroic one. If you are unable to find one then hit the Lost Sectors and fight the boss for a chest.


Playing Milestones will also help you to farm Power Level more quickly. There are some of them that give you a chance to earn Legendary Engrams. Also look for gears that boost your PL. You can look for Milestones in Director Menu, also you can check on a different planet in the first DLC Curse of Osiris. It is possible to replay the milestones after completion but there will be a locked time interval for a single character. If you are more than one characters then you can try out the same one for three times.

Dismantle Legendary Gears:

To boost your PL you can try out few things, first, dismantle all your not required legendary gears. Just go through your inventory and lookout for all needless gears which can help you to crawl towards Level 30. You can trade 25 Legendary Shards for a Legendary Engram. Go to the Cryptrach in the tower. Look at the Postmaster, you might get some legendary gear to dismantle. Next, you can visit a Bright Engram vendor and you can unlock free Season 3 reward which includes some legendary gears you can dismantle.


Faction Leaders can reward you with tokens, you can gather them while visiting Public Events and Lost Sectors. You can trade them for Legendary Engrams.

Following the above tips will definitely help you to earn good Power Level to play Warmind DLC. You can read check out our guide on Warmind Exotic Weapons and Exotic Armors for more info on Legendary Gears. For more updates and guides on the game, you can read our Destiny 2 Wiki.