How To Earn Mars Tokens In Warmind DLC – Destiny 2

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Marks Tokens are the new currency in Warmind DLC of Destiny 2. You get the tokens from Ana Bray a new character who is introduced through this expansion. You can get Marks Token from Ana Bray as a vendor. In this guide, you will get tips on how to earn this currency item fast and also earn Cradle Engrams. Using these resources you can buy some good Legendary Weapons and Armors from Ana Bray.

Warmind Mars Token Tips

Tips to Earn Marks Token In Warmind

In Warmind you get a new location Mars, you will have to play two opening story missions. The recommended power level to successfully complete these missions is PL 310. So if you are low on power level then play missions of previous expansion to achieve it.

Steps To Earn Mars Token:

  • Once you had done playing the starting two mission that will take around 15 minutes of gameplay, you will be able to access a new region Hellas Basin on Marks.
  • Ana Bray called this area as home, you have to meet her in the Northern part of the map. You can play different story missions or you can simply check her for a new range of items. For the Mars Token, you can play two things. You can spend your time on completing Escalation Protocol Horde. Meet Ana Bray to get this mission.
  • Second, you can also play Adventure Missions on Mars to earn them. You can get around 8 Marks Tokens for completing Data Recovery quest. Just talk to Ana. For other Adventure also you can earn the tokens.

Cradle Engrams:

  • Mars Tokens are needed to get Cradle Engrams, you can earn a single one if you have around 20 Mars Token. You can possibly earn new Warmind Gears through this engrams. It offers you a boosted power level of 335.
  • You have to look for Faction Reward items in Ana’s inventory, and you will see that to access you will have to pay some Marks Tokens, Legendary Shards and even Cradle Engrams.

So this are some of the tips which you can use to earn Mars Token. For more updates and guides on the game you can read our Destiny 2 Wiki.