Destiny 2 – Where To Find The Well Of Flame On Nessus | Imperial Treasure Map

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence means a very demanding Calus has us running around the map for him. At some point in his quest, you will need to find the Well of Flame! You’re going to find located on Nessus, on the far side of the Pools of Luminance.

How To Get To The Well Of Flame

Well of Flame Entrance

The Well of Flame can is near The Cistern and the Pools of Luminance. To get there, spawn in at the spawn point nears the Pools, hope on your Sparrow and make your way the whole way around to the Cistern. Keep going until you reach the small waterfall, the go further, around the corner and towards the significant steps beside the tower.

Take out any Cabal that annoys you, and make your way up the steps. Head in the hole in the side of the tower and make your way around and drop down into the room. You’ve found the entrance to the Well of Flame.

Well of Flame Treasure Chest

All you need to do now is drop down to the very bottom. Be sure to control your landing, as that sudden stop will kill you. Now, you should be able to see a Vex Gate, a return Portal, and a large rock. Behind that rock is the Treasure Chest you need to open for your Bounty. Open it up, and this stage of the quest is complete!

Now that you have found the Well of Flame in Destiny 2, you can continue with the rest of the quest to try and earn Calus’ favor. Best of luck, Guardian!