Destiny 2 – What Is Lost Treasure?

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

It seems that people have had their sticky little fingers in Calus’ treasure piles, and he wants it all back. One of the bounties you can get from Benedict and Werner in Destiny 2 this week is called Spoils of War. It asks us to collect Lost Treasure by defeating enemy combatants in the game. Yup, we are acted as hired goons for Calus, and helping him recoup his lost riches.

What Is Lost Treasure?

Spoils of War

Lost Treasure is a randomly generated drop from slain enemies that have appeared in Destiny 2 this week. When you kill an enemy, as long as you have collected the Spoils of War bounty either from Benedict in the Tower Annex, or Werner on the Imperial Barge on Nessus, you will sometimes see it populate on the right-hand side of your screen as a drop.

It can drop from any enemy type and seems to be reasonably rare, relying on RNG to drop. You also need to collect a lot of this stuff, so are much better off just playing through the game at your average pace and letting it just finish naturally. If you do want to grind it quickly, I would strongly suggest you head for the Menagerie.

The drop seems to happen when you are in proximity to a dying enemy, rather than something you get for killing the enemy yourself. As such, the Menagerie is the perfect farm spot for these items, because you have a team of six people killing a lot of enemies in there.

One last thing to remember about Lost Treasure, it’s not a real item in the usual sense. It won’t show up in your inventory. If you want to check how much progress you have made on the bounty, you will need to visit the Pursuits tabs in your Director and check it there.