Where Is The Haunted Forest In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

The Festival of the Lost has arrived in Destiny 2. If you head for the Tower, you will find Eva is waiting for you with all kinds of tricks and treats in store. The Haunted Forest is also back, challenging Guardians to get long runs, and collect plenty of candy!

Where Is The Haunted Forest In Destiny 2

Tower Map Haunted Forest Icon

You can access the Haunted Forest from your Director. Just bring up the map of the Tower in the Destinations tab, and at the top, above Eva’s new icon, will be another new icon that lets you load into the Haunted Forest. You can load into a version with matchmaking, or a firewalled version without it, should you wish to solo the challenge.

You can also load into the Haunted Forest by using the small holographic tree that is right beside Eva in the courtyard. Just run-up to it, then interact with it to load into the Forest.

You will not be able to access it until you visit Eva in the courtyard, and purchase a festival mask from her in the form of the Masquerader’s Cowl. This item only costs you 100 Glimmer. Once you have it, you can then load into the Haunted Forest for your first run of the event.

When you get into the Haunted Forest, run to the first platform and stand on it to charge it up, this will begin your run. You then need to kill enemies, making your way through the Forest until the progress counter hits 100 percent. When it does, you will get teleported to a boss fight. Kill them, and then you will start the process again, getting through as many branches as you can in 15 minutes.

At the end of the run, you will be able to get a chest of loot, but be warned, and don’t trust the ground under your feet on the way to that shiny loot chest!