Destiny 2 – Where To Find The Chest On The Barge On Nessus

Destiny 2

Once you have successfully finished your first run through the Menagerie in Destiny 2, you will need to return to the Barge on Nessus to collect a chest. It is not marked, however, so in this guide we show you where to find it.

Where To Find The Chest On The Barge

Barge Chest Location

So, to get to the Barge spawn in at Watcher’s Grave and it will be floating right there. Hop up on the rock, then onto the ramp and make your way up into the Barge. At the top, turn around and jump to the side where the Cabal is standing guard, and make your way to the back of the Barge.

Here you will find an extensive collection of chests, each one with a 5k Glimmer cost to open. It doesn’t matter which one you pick; they will all contain the same reward for you at this point. Just pick any chest and open it, and this stage of the quest will be complete!

I would assume you can find ways to unlock the other chests while you do other things for Calus to properly build up our Chalice of Opulence. For now, all you can do is go about the traditional Destiny 2 grind, head for the Crown of Sorrow Raid if you have a full fireteam, or get stuck into the Menagerie grind to see what other treasures you can find. Best of luck, Guardian!