Destiny 2 – The Journey – How To Emerge From The Dark – Lectern Lighting Order

Destiny 2

As part of the Xenophage quest, you will need to figure out how to emerge from the dark as part of The Journey exotic quest. The first step, Emergence, talks a lot about Crota, but this is a bit of a red herring. You need to head to the Anchor of Light, to light some Lecterns.

Destiny 2 – The Journey – How To Emerge From The Dark – Lectern Lighting Order

Anchor of Light

Head for the Anchor of Light, then go the point shown on the map above. This is where you will begin this part of the quest. You need to grab the Light from the strange relic in the small building shown in the header image above. The exact location can be found on the map. Once you have it, you need to light six lecterns, in the correct order.

There was a lot of trial and error done by the community for this one, but eventually, the good folks over at Raid Secrets on Reddit got it all worked out. My hat is off to them, and their amazing ability to expose Destiny 2’s secrets. The easiest way to show you the correct order to light them in is via a video. As such, I have recorded where to go, where the Light is, and what order you need to light the lecterns in. Just check the embedded video above.

Once you have them all, you need to go to an area that will be marked on the map, and interact with an item there. This will move you on to the next part of the quest, called Pathfinder! We are also working on a full guide for The Journey quest here if you need help with other steps.