Destiny: House of Wolves Launch Preparation Guide: Things To Do Numerous Time Before May 19

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Every true Destiny fan is waiting for the House of Wolves expansion to be out on May 19. Is this the same for you? If yes, you should take a look at our suggestions to get ready and armed for that day, when Expansion II is online and you will be able to download it. Here we are then.

Destiny: House of Wolves


  • Have 3 characters or at least make an alternative of your favorite and switch the armor after level 20 so you can do the most possible every week/day.
  • Have your glimmer cap full May 18.
  • It seems we will need to have 25 weapon parts per “ascending” of exotic guns so stocking up on weapon parts might be a good idea. Unlocking upgrades on Uncommon and Rare guns, and then dismantling them, is a good way to farm these.
  • Do not turn in your items which can be turned into the Cryptarch for 200 glimmer (House Banners, Silken Codex, Axiomatic Beads and Network Keys). Save these up for an emergency source of glimmer if something time-sensitive that you must purchase comes up.
  • If you are low on armor materials as well (Plasteel Plating, Hadronic essence, Saphire wire) you can follow the same method as mentioned for gun parts, unlocking nodes and dismantling them for parts. Go stock up on Glimmer at one of the many glimmer-farm spots and repeat until you have a decent amount that you think you will need for post-patch upgrades).
  • If you haven’t done Crucible factions already, rank up every crucible faction to just under Rank 3: (Crucible, New Monarchy, Future War Cult, Dead Orbit). Keep the cap for every rank just under the next rank 3 since you are guaranteed a legendary care package on level 3 but not always on ranks above (may still happen though) so you can get drops which will come from the new expansion. (Rank 3 cause stuff doesn’t drop at Rank 1 and 2). This might be harder to do for some Factions as we need to use them so much. you will have to choose one which will keep changing.
  • You can also keep Cryptarch’s packages since they may decript as new gear if opened after the expansion hits. Apparently it will yield Pre-DLC content. You should keep them in order
  • to bring your Cryptarch rank up after the DLC hits. Any engrams that come from the Cryptarch package being opened after the DLC drops might give you House of Wolves gear though.
  • Try to keep Vanguard and Cryptarch ranks to just UNDER the next rank on May 18 for the chance to get legendary gear and weapons from care packages.
  • Keep as many 5000 XP bounties completed on your characters on May 18 in order to use them on the first pieces or armor/guns you purchase/get dropped.
  • Complete and turn in the exotic bounties you have for more exotic shards to upgrade your guns/gear post-expansion.


  • Buy exotic shards from Xur with Strange coins or dismantling extra exotics to upgrade your exotics after expansion.
  • If you have enough Strange Coins, buy telemetries from Xur as they will help upgrading both current weapons but also will be great for post-expansion where we will be able to have our guns upgrade much faster right from the start. The Gunsmith will sell telemetries at launch of the new DLC, however we do not know how much they will be worth and if you want them from the start, you should get them before. Essentially, if you have enough Strange coins, you could spare a few for telemetries.
  • Run both raids as often as you can for materials or gear/weapon drops. Hard mode grants more shards/energies but give you less chances to get gear/loot drops. If you have time, it is
  • better to run them on Normal mode and then Hard to grant the highest possible amount.
  • Do the weekly and Nightfall strikes every week on all characters for rewards such as strange coins and materials which can be used to buy other things both pre-expansion (such as strange coins) and post-expansion (such as trading for other materials through the speaker). The weekly and Nightfall give good amounts of Vanguard Reputation so make sure to have your New Monarchy, Future War Cult or Dead Orbit class item equipped before the event ends or you will just get more Vanguard rep.
  • Complete the Eris bounty called “The Cleasing” while completing the Nightfall in order to accumulate motes of light.
  • Use your weekly 100 Marks (Vanguard probably, Crucible are hard to come by) to buy Materials or Vendor armor you want to have access to and upgrade post-expansion since there will be new vendor gear to replace current stock. Do every week as much as possible. Make sure that on May 18 you have 200 marks so you are at cap when it launches. This way you really have 300 marks for the launch week as you will have your previous 200 plus the other 100 you can ear that week.


  • Save your Daily Public Event Packages at the Postmaster to have extra sources of XP once the expansion drops. (2500 XP per). The Public Event Packages also give you Vanguard Marks when opened, so there’s another reason to save them. These Public Event Packages are apparently already encrypted to give pre-expansion rewards even though you open them in post-expansion so they will be mostly for XP.
  • Do the daily every day with every character. Bunch of XP at the end of the mission and you get 5 vanguard marks from each (15 if you have 3 characters).
  • Do bounties to accumulate not only XP to have your gear and weapons upgraded before the new expansion but more so in order to give your Factions more rep by having the class item equipped when you give in the bounties.
  • Eris bounties give good XP but grant no Faction experience other than her own. It is recommended only using her bounties if you have finished the other vanguard bounties and want more XP or have not reached level 32 through Crota’s End armor, and need her ability to change Ascendant Energies into Shards and vice versa.