Bungie may be working on a mobile Destiny game

Job listings suggest new territory for Bungie.

Image via Bungie

Recent job listings on Bungie’s website suggest the acclaimed live-service franchise, Destiny, may be getting a mobile entry. The job listing, which is on Bungie’s official website, is seeking an art director that’s “capable of aligning partner studios to the visual direction of the Destiny IP”.

This quote alone makes it certain that we likely aren’t looking at an unrelated mobile project on the side. Looking further at the listing, the overview states the art director is going to work both with internal team and external partners to create a worthy Destiny experience in an effort to continue bolstering the Destiny brand.

This mobile game seems to be an effort to expand IP’s market reach, indicated by a few of required skills. Most of the list is bog standard stuff for working on AAA and major projects. Curiously, though, the willingness to travel to China or host visits from partner teams every two to three months suggest the mobile title is targeting the Chinese market. Further adding evidence to this, the job listing states Chinese language skills as a plus.

Bungie split from Activision in 2019, taking the ownership of the Destiny IP with them and the brand hasn’t slowed down since, releasing multiple Destiny 2 expansions, a next-gen console upgrade, and introducing cross-play to the mix.