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Diablo 3 Firebird Set build guide

Burn, baby, burn.

So, you either beat your season 25 objectives or you’ve gone on the grinding hunt of your life and you have all of the Firebird’s Finery Set. As one of the most damage-heavy, explosive sets in the game, the phoenix-inspired gear is a favorite among Diablo 3 fans. So if you want to use this set to rise up and destroy all your enemies, these skills, gems, and supplemental gear are your best choices to make you the strongest Firebird on the block.

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Firebird Skills

No surprise, many of your best Firebird skills will be fire-based. However, since any Firebird Wizard is fairly squishy, evasion skills are also very important. So let’s go through what your best options might be.

Active Skills

  • Spectral Blade– Flame Blades
    • This is one of your bread and butter skills to get in close and set your enemies on fire. When Disintegrate is low, use this to get hits in.
  • Disintegrate– Chaos Nexus
    • Spectral Blades are great, but Disintegrate is your most important skill. Ignite the entire dungeon and turn them all to ash with a few seconds of your laser. Nexus Chaos will splinter your shot and make sure your laser hits as many enemies as possible.
  • Explosive Blast– Chain Reaction (Sustain Substitute– Enduring Diamond Skin)
    • Explosive blasts helps you deal even more damage when close to enemies, and its Chain Reaction will cause an entire cluster of enemies to explode. But if your want a bit more sustain, Diamond Skin can help give you a few more seconds of survival against difficult enemies.
  • Frost Nova– Bone Chill (Damage Substitute– Mammoth Hydra)
    • Frost Nova is one of the go-to survival skills because it chills the enemy, but with Bone Chill you do 33% more damage to the chilled enemies. If you took other survival skills, though, Mammoth Hydra is great consistent, igniting damage on the battlefield.
  • Teleport– Safe Passage
    • Escape is one of the most important things a Wizard needs. Enough said.
  • Black Hole– Spell Steal
    • This pulls all your enemies into one central location, gives you 700% weapon damage, making them deal less damage. It makes igniting, chilling, burning, and blowing up your enemies all the easier.

Passive Skills

  • Audacity– The closer you are, the more damage you deal.
  • Elemental Exposure– All elemental attack do more damage.
  • Galvanizing Ward– Offers a shield that can save your life.
  • Unwavering Will– Gives you bonus resistances.

Bonus Gear

For a basic Firebird build, fill out your equipped gear with six out of the seven Firebird items. Now, as you don’t need all seven, some builds that prefer not using the shoulders (Firebird’s Pinion), others prefer not to use the source (Firebird’s Eye). Feel free to switch up those pieces at your discretion. But here are some great options to flesh out the rest of the build:

  • Shoulders: Aughild’s Power (Aughild’s Authority Set)
  • Bracers: Ashnagarr’s Blood Bracer, Aughild’s Search (Aughild’s Authority Set)
  • Belt: The Shame of Delsere
  • Necklace: Squirt’s Necklace, The Traveler’s Pledge (Endless Walk Set)
  • Ring #1: Focus (Bastion of Will Set), Compass Rose (Endless Walk Set)
  • Ring #2: Restraint (Bastion of Will Set), Convention of Elements
  • Weapon: Fragment of Destiny
  • Source: Orb of Infinite Depth

Legendary Gems

Legendary gems are unique gems you get from beating Greater Rifts. The best ones for the Firebird’s Finery Set are the Bane of the Trapped, Gogok of Swiftness, and Bane of the Stricken.

Soul Shards

If you’re playing the Firebird build during Season 25, the Souls Shards you want to use on your pieces are pretty simple. For your helm, use the Shard of Hatred with a 10% damage increase. For your weapon, use the Remnant of Pain with an attack speed increase. It makes you punchier and faster.

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