All season rewards for Diablo 3 Season 25

Wanna play the bone armor game?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The addition of seasons was one of the biggest game-changers in Diablo 3 history, and with Season 25, the game comes back to give its fans more of what they love. Whether you play solo or with a group, get ready to reset your favorite character and start all over again. Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to get these exciting rewards (some of which are actually old friends in disguise).

Gear rewards

Every season, the most important rewards are the gear. Gear sets can be difficult to find in the wild because they’re rare and work best, (shocker), as a set. So collecting all three to seven pieces can be a huge hassle. Seasons had made that process easier by adding gear sets as a reward, so fans of certain builds can get their faves as long as they finish the season out. So, what’s in store for Season 25?

  • Barbarian: Might of the Earth Set, which boosts Earthquake, Avalanche, and other “earthy” moves.
  • Crusader: Thorns of the Invoker, perfect for any fans of Crusader Thorns.
  • Demon Hunter: The Shadow’s Mantle, for the assassin purest, boosting melee weapons and Shadow Power.
  • Monk: Monkey King’s Garb, inspired by the Monkey King of legends, strengthens Sweeping Wind and decoy-play.
  • Necromancer: Grace of Inarius, for the Bone Armor fanatic.
  • Witch Doctor: Raiment of the Jade Harvester, made to Haunt and Soul Harvest everyone around.
  • Wizard: Firebird’s Fury, if you love Disintegrate and want to watch the world melt at your feet.
  • BONUS: This season is bringing back some old superstas. For gear, that means offering the Helm and Shoulders of the Conquerer Set for anyone who finishes all four seasonal chapters.


There are two different pets this season, offered up at different levels. When you defeat the four chapters of objectives, you get Blaine’s Bear, a violent little teddy covered in blood.

If you complete the basic season and all the bonus objectives through Guardian level, you receive The Dark Lordling. He’s purely cosmetic, but a mini, chibi-like version of Diablo that can follow you around.


Brought back from previous seasons, players who complete the season will get Imperius-inspired portraits. However, those who make it all the way through Guardian will get the rare, unique, Pane of Tristram portrait.