Do characters transfer across servers in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Can you take them with you?

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Your character in any MMO is a testament to all of the hard work you have put into the game and the trials you have overcome. Tower of Fantasy will have you investing a lot into your created character, but what if your friend is playing on another server or the one you are on has a lot of lag? Can you transfer your character across servers?

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How to transfer a character between servers in Tower of Fantasy

Unfortunately, at least at the launch of Tower of Fantasy, characters are locked to a singular server, so they can not be transferred to another server. If you wish to play on another server for any reason, you will have to start over with a new character.

While it is disappointing that there is no way to keep your character and move them to another server, this is a common practice for MMORPGs that utilize many servers. It happens a lot more than it doesn’t in this genre, unfortunately. That all being said, there is a chance that Tower of Fantasy can work in some kind of feature to move characters in the future, but there is no announcement of that yet.

While you will have to start over with your character, swapping between servers is pretty easy. All you need to do is change it on the title screen before you enter the game and can connect with new people. Hopefully, a way to bring your character with you will be implemented sooner rather than later, if it ever comes at all.

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Even if you decide to switch servers, your character will not be deleted. If you ever want to pick up back where you were, just go back to the previous server.