The best Genshin Impact character presets in Tower of Fantasy

The ultimate crossover battle.

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Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy share many similarities in key areas, but one thing they don’t share is the ability to create characters. Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play MMO that features a robust character creator. This character creator allows players to share codes and provides presets based on votes from the community. Players have already made characters from popular franchises such as Nier, Naruto, and more. It didn’t take long for some Genshin Impact all-stars to flood the popular votes. This guide features the best Genshin Impact character presets in Tower of Fantasy.

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The best Genshin Impact character preset codes for Tower of Fantasy

Genshin Impact has a litany of fan-favorite characters. Some of these popular heroes are featured in this list of character presets.

Bennet – Preset Code 1929

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Bennet is one of Genshin Impact’s most powerful heroes. This Pyro legend is described as a good-natured adventurer from Mondstadt with an unlucky streak.

Ganyu – Preset Code 587394

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Ganyu is a top-tier Cryo bow wielder from Genshin Impact. She is the secretary of Yuhai Pavilion, and a beast flows in her ice-cold veins. Tower of Fantasy also features ice bows, making this an excellent preset if you want to cosplay virtually.

Hu Tao – Preset Code 799

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Hu Tao is one of the most popular Genshin Impact presets in Tower of Fantasy. Hu Tao is a spear-wielding Pyro user. She became the 77th Director of the Wangshen Funeral Parlor at a young age.

Jean – Preset Code 183385

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Jean was one of Genshin Impact’s first five-star characters. A sword-wielding Anemo user, Jean is an essential character in Genshin Impact’s evolving narrative.

Kaeya – Preset Code 291326

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Kaeya is one of the first characters you meet in Genshin Impact and the first Cryo user every player has on their team. His enigmatic attitude has made him a fan favorite character.

Keqing – Preset Code 690

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Keqing, at one point in time, was considered an overpowered must-have character in Genshin Impact. This Electro-wielding fighter would use flashy footwork and electric sword attacks to take out anything in her way.

Venti – Preset Code 70478

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Venti is a significant character in Genshin Impact. He is the mortal vessel for Barbatos, the Anemo Archon. He is relaxing and performing Bard duties when he isn’t sniping enemies from long distances.

Yelan – Preset Code 11656

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Yelan is a relative newcomer to Genshin Impact, but her style and charisma while wielding her bow have made her a fan favorite in record time.

Zhongli – Preset Code 1869

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Zhongli is the best tank in Genshin Impact. His power is attributed to him being the mortal vessel of the Geo Archon, Morax. His spear skills are sharp, and his ponytail is always ready for prime time.

These Genshin Impact character presets are varied and represent some of its best heroes. Use these preset codes to change your character into them instantly, or try making your own and adding them to the Tower of Fantasy’s most popular preset list.