Do gravestones despawn in Valheim? Answered

Death comes for us all.

Image via Iron Gate AB

Like pretty much every other survival game out there, it doesn’t matter how careful you are in Valheim, you will eventually die. As long as you have anything in your inventory, you will leave behind a tombstone. Anyone who interacts with this can then get all of your items. However, will the gravestone despawn if it sits there for long enough?

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Do tombstones disappear in Valheim after some time?

As long as no one interacts with your gravestone in Valheim, it will remain there for as long as it takes. If you exit the game and come back, it will still be in the same location as before. The only time the tombstone will be not on the ground where you die is if you were in deep waters. In that instance, it will float on top of the water for you to grab.

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While your gravestone is not meant to ever expire on its own after some time, there are bugs that can cause it to despawn prematurely. There is no known fix for these bugs currently outside of reloading an older save.

Even after you get your stuff back from the gravestone, you will notice the marker for it will remain on your map. To hide this, you can remove it manually on the map. Even if you end up dying multiple times, the previous tombstones will still be visible and holding your stuff as long as they have equipment inside them.

Given how gravestones are indestructible and do not despawn, you shouldn’t feel any rush to tracking them down to get your items back. In fact, if you die in a convenient spot, you can use that as a little storage area to safeguard your items.