Do you have a Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy?

A charm full of happiness that conjures an animal creature, reflecting the Witch or Wizard using the spell.

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A notable spell from the Harry Potter franchise is the Patronus charm, which appears in Hogwarts Legacy. What makes the spell special is that when a Witch or Wizard casts the charm, it projects an animal creature to protect them from the Dementors, and the animal is supposed to represent a happy memory. The Patronus charm is typically unique, and many playing the game would like to see what theirs would look like in the game. Can you use the Patronus charm and have a Patronus appear in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you use the Patronus charm in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Patronus charm is not one of the listed spells in Hogwarts Legacy. However, many fans are looking forward to the potential outcome of this spell appearing sometime in the future. Many players hope that an expansion or a future update could add this spell to the available choices, allowing them to use it and conjure their favorite animals that reflect their character and themselves.

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Because the Patronus charm does not appear in Hogwarts Legacy, your character will not have a Patronus associated with them. This is one of the listed things that will not carry over from your WB Games account or the one from your Potter Fan page when you connect it to the game. However, your preferred house selection and wand choices do appear.

Although fans are hopeful for a Patronus-like expansion to Hogwarts Legacy, the development team has yet to comment if this is happening. If the charm does appear in Hogwarts Legacy, at a later point, this would mean that the Dementors, the ones watching over Azkaban prison, would appear and be a fearsome foe for players to fight against.