Hogwarts Legacy can have players visit Azkaban, but only if they meet specific requirements

A dangerous prison.


Image via Portkey Games

There are several iconic locations players can visit in Hogwarts Legacy that also appear in the Harry Potter book series and movies. Some of these sites are more memorable than others, but a dangerous location that some players have a chance to check out is Azkaban, the dungeon that contains some of the most dangerous Witches and Wizards of the series. A player might have a chance to visit this location in Legacy, but they need to meet specific requirements for this to happen.

Azkaban is a notorious location in the Harry Potter series, containing multiple dark magical practitioners that have performed heinous crimes in the magical world. Players won’t have a chance to freely roam the iconic prison, though. Instead, it’ll occur in a story quest that forces players to walk through a distinct pathway. Some fans are hoping that this could mean Azkaban might appear again in an expansion for the game, giving them the chance to fight off Dementors using the Patronous charm, but the development team has not shared these details that would suggest this.

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Players can visit this location if they join the Hufflepuff house. Each house at Hogwarts has a unique quest tied to it, and the quest for characters who join this house has a chance to check out the dangerous location.

Because Hogwarts Legacy is still relatively new, we’re not sure if the location could appear a handful of times throughout the game for different houses. Regardless if it does reappear, given the limitations of movement during these sequences, these will be heavily scripted sections of the game, and players won’t have as many opportunities to find other connections to the source material as they could while exploring the Hogwarts castle or Hogsmeade.

Not every location is available in Hogwarts Legacy, but the game features a good amount of free-roaming inside the Hogwarts castle. Eventually, players can even encounter the Room of Requirement while exploring the magical hallways.