Does Backbone have multiple endings?

Prepare yourself for multiple playthroughs.


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Backbone is an intriguing point-and-click adventure game set in a noir world where anthropomorphic animals are the norm. It’s a detective story that takes you to the darkest places in its universe and back, filled with mind-bending puzzles to keep you gripped to your screen. This guide explains if Backbone has multiple endings, so you know if you’ve seen every inch of this title.

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Are there multiple endings in Backbone?

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Backbone is odd in that it has multiple dialogue choices that feel as if they’re influencing the story because characters will say different things depending on your choices. However, none of these choices affect the ending because there’s only one. Developer EggNut has confirmed that the story is written the way it is for a reason, and it wants all players to experience that story from start to finish. So, while the choices can change some NPC reactions, the ending will always be the same.

Can dialogue choices change anything?

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Changing certain aspects of Backbone is possible by choosing specific dialogue options. For example, if you don’t mention Renee to anyone, Larry will still mention her later. He says this is because you were talking in your sleep, showing that you’re meant to talk to Larry about Renee no matter what. Another excellent example of the linear nature of Backbone is in the prologue. No matter what path you choose to take to get to the second floor of The Bite, you’ll be funneled through the same paths. The choices are more flavor that makes the game feel slightly different on subsequent playthroughs, but you’re missing nothing if you play it once and uninstall it. With that said, some players might enjoy seeing every aspect of the game and how well it pulls players back to the main story even if they try to go off-piste.