Does Battlefield 2042 have a battle royale mode?

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Battlefield 2042

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042, the next game in EA’s staple first-person shooter franchise, is releasing on October 22. Players will be able to jump into massive multiplayer matches featuring 128 players in total, with 64 players on each side, battling it out for domination.

The team working on Battlefield 2024 has a heightened focus on the multiplayer experience. There will be no single-player campaign. Instead, all of the lore will be shared through the many multiplayer maps, and these maps are set to change every season through battle passes. Despite having a tightened focus on multiplayer, Battlefield 2042 will not feature a battle royale mode.

Although there’s not going to be a battle royale mode, one of the game modes, Hazard Zone, is a squad-based competitive mode. It’s widely different from All-out Warfare, the massive 128 player battles, and expansive maps that can feature massive tornados throwing players into the air like ragdolls. We don’t have too many details about Hazard Zone, but it seems like a middle ground for Battlefield 2042 players.

Despite not having a battle royale mode, there is a battle pass coming to Battlefield 2042. The pass will rotate out each season, with dynamic cosmetics, and the multiplayer modes will feature new story elements players can learn about, detailing the changing events in the game.