Does Bill die in The Last of Us? Answered

The answer may shock you.

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Bill is a fan favorite character from The Last of Us game that players grew to love during Joel and Ellie’s visit to his town. His banter with Ellie made for some memorable moments, and his vague past only gave him more charm. The Last of Us show on HBO did something remarkable with the character. Instead of growing fond of Bill through his sass and paranoia in the present, they pulled back the curtain and showed us the beauty of his life spanning the fall of humanity with the love for his partner Frank. The two’s chemistry caused us to fall for the character all over again, but the question of if Bill lives or dies is entirely different based on the medium that you witnessed the story.

Does Bill die in The Last of Us game?

In The Last of Us game, players control Joel alongside Bill on a mission through his booby-trapped town. This section comes to a close with Bill very much alive. After the events in Boston, Joel and Ellie go to cash in on a favor Bill owes him in exchange for a car. Bill is extremely paranoid, having trip-wired an entire town and constantly hinting to Joel that he should get rid of Ellie because caring about someone only ends in pain. The three encounter the deceased corpse of Frank shortly before they part ways. While obviously grief-stricken by finding his partner dead, Bill hides it well and doesn’t change much before he sends Joel and Ellie on their way.

Does Bill die in The Last of Us show?

The Last of Us on HBO takes the core of Bill’s character and sends us back to the start of the outbreak to show us much of the paranoid survivalist we know from the game. They then give us a glimpse into his love story with Frank before having the two of them decide to end their lives as a pair after living a full life and being satisfied together.

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We slowly see their relationship unfold as Frank helps Bill break out of his shell and learn to love. Much of the banter he has with Ellie in the game is redirected to the couple’s spats. However, they live a very fulfilling life together until Frank becomes ill in old age. Instead of letting him commit suicide by himself, Bill says he has no regrets and joins him in death as his only purpose for living would end with Frank’s passing. It is beautiful and poetic to see a pair live a full life in a world where everything is bleak and tragic.

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Some people may find the shift daunting, but it manages to show an honest and pure love story in a world where love often gets you killed. It also sets the theme for what is to come, and the journey through Bill’s town still ends the same. Bill leaves a set of keys for Joel to find, providing Joel and Ellie with the car they need to continue their journey.