Is Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance cross platform/crossplay?

The answer is…. kind of?

Image via Tuque Games

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Dungeons & Dragons has always been a game about gathering friends of all backgrounds and cultures to go on an epic quest together. It has never mattered where you come from; if you have any imagination, you can easily partake in a game of D&D. Things on the video game side are a little more complicated than that, though. While crossplay has been a growing trend in video games recently, Dungeons & Dragons has yet to implement it. That being said, does the newest entry, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, have crossplay?

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance does support crossplay, although only between Xbox and PC via the Xbox/Windows 10 version. Xbox users cannot crossplay with Steam players at launch. PlayStation users can only play between generations together, so PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players can join a game together, but not with either of the other platforms. There is no word as of this writing whether PlayStation will ever be able to join the cross-platform fun with PC or Xbox players.

While crossplay functionality is increasingly becoming more of a mainstay in the gaming industry, some games still do not fully support it, so it is nice to see Dungeons & Dragons allowing it to happen. The lack of support on PlayStation may come to Sony being the only platform company that charges games to support the feature, so hopefully, we see some change on that front in the future.