Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – How to upgrade your attributes

Find the Strength to upgrade your Charisma

Image by Wizards of the Coast

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance keeps the original tabletop game’s traditions by adding an attribute system. Every time you level up, you’ll gain a new point but how do you actually implement it to your character? Here’s how to do it and what the attributes mean if your D&D knowledge is rusty.

How to access the menu

This isn’t particularly hard, but the UI in Dark Alliance doesn’t make it clear to see. To access it on PC, simply press M on the keyboard (and don’t hold it while in lobbies). On the bottom left, you’ll see your statistics ranging from Strength to Charisma.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To upgrade your attributes, you simply click or press a button and use the up arrow on your desired stat. Each character has its own base stats to complement the gameplay style. For example, Catti-Brie, the archer, has less strength, while other characters have bundles of it. Keep in mind that your equipment can also alter your attributes, depending on their bonuses.

What does each attribute harness?

  • Strength
    • This attribute Increases physical damage and provides an armor buff.
  • Dexterity
    • This stat improves agility and balance, so the character’s critical chance and critical damage goes up.
  • Constitution
    • This raises stamina, stamina Regeneration, and improves your HP (hit points)
  • Intelligence
    • It boosts elemental damage, condition penetration, and reduces cooldown timers for your abilities
  • Wisdom
    • Having more of a brain gives characters more of a resistance boost against elemental damage and conditions
  • Charisma
    • Your character might not be as charismatic as The Rock, but this stat increases your charge rate of an ultimate and increases their proximity radius.