Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Duergar Supplies locations in Halls of the Duergar

Destroy everything. Leave nothing left.

Image via Wizards of the Coast

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In the Halls of the Duergar mission from Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, you’ll be tasked with finding 10 sets of duergar supplies throughout the level. Some are cleverly hidden, while others are out in the open. Here’s how we found each of them.

Duergar Supplies Location 1

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the first hallway of the mission, you’ll see spikes on the left after running down a slope. Do a running jump over them, and then to the right, you’ll see a wheelbarrow with some supplies. Destroy them.

Duergar Supplies Location 2

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After you’ve gone down the elevator and finished off all the enemies waiting for you, go forward and cross the broken bridge. Jump carefully and make sure you see the red rug on each platform to know that it’s safe. Once you’ve reached the end of the path, you’ll find the supplies to the right. A blue flag is adorned on it.

Duergar Supplies Location 3

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Once you’ve broken the second duergar supplies, go left and through a portal. You’ll see two stones blocking a path in front of you. Destroy them. Go forward, and you’ll find another camp of enemies. Eliminate these pesky creatures, use camp, and then go left. Break the wood that can be crumbled easily with your attacks. You’ll encounter a room of spikes and at the end are the duergar supplies. There is also the broken piece of the lever you need to get some loot in the same room. The spikes will alternate, so make sure you get your timing right. Once you’ve paced the annoying spikes, you’ll find the supplies on the left side.

Duergar Supplies Location 4

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Go back out to the main path after the first portal, and go forwards. You’ll see a river of toxic slime with platforms to jump on. On the first platform to the left, you’ll find the duergar supplies.

Duergar Supplies Location 5

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From where the initial elevator takes you down to, go left up a hill. You’ll face some enemies at the top of it. Go left of where the camp is, and you’ll see the duergar supplies in the corner.

Duergar Supplies Location 6

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Before heading down the second elevator:

  1. Keep going straight into the green-tinted hallway ahead.
  2. Make your best attempt at jumping across the pools of acid on the ground.
  3. Go down the hill at the end of the pathway, and you’ll find more goblins at a hideout.
  4. Take them out, and on your left, you should see the supplies across another pool of acid.

We’d recommend using a projectile attack like an arrow or an area of effect attack of some kind.

Duergar Supplies 7 Location

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In the same room as the sixth, continue down the path to find another set of enemies to eliminate. Once they’re finished, you’ll find a ladder on the right. Go up, and you’ll see the supplies in front of you.

Duergar Supplies Location 8

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Go down the second elevator and explore a lava-ridden dungeon area. Take out your foes and go left from your first steps in this new locale. Jump over the gap and go up the ladder. You’ll find the supplies directly north.

Duergar Supplies Location 9

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Directly below the eighth is, in fact, the ninth. Drop down, and you’ll find a wooden bridge to cross over. Walk over it and climb the rock face. Now, you’ll be able to smash those supplies.

Duergar Supplies Location 10

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After you go back up with the second elevator, you’ll find the duergar supplies to the right of it.