Does Expeditions: Rome have controller support?

The best way to play.


Image via Logic Artists

Most PC games allow you to control them however you want. Having options makes your game more accessible. A developer needs to consider controller options if its game is coming to consoles. However, not all games release outside of PC, and some titles require more buttons than a controller has. This guide explains if Expeditions: Rome has controller support and your options for playing it.

Controllers break the game

Image via THQ Nordic

In all of our testing with Expeditions: Rome, controllers caused the game to crash to the desktop. This may be fixed in a future update for the game, but it doesn’t support the use of controllers at launch. The game’s Steam page doesn’t include the controller support tag, so it’s unlikely this will be included in the game anytime soon. This is likely due to how many characters you have to control in any given battle, the freedom to move around large open areas, and the depth of the combat.

Luckily, the mouse and keyboard control scheme for Expeditions: Rome isn’t so complex that you’ll forget how to command your troops between battles. The combat is turn-based, with mouse clicks responsible for almost everything. Nothing else in the game is particularly hard to control, but you will need to move the cursor around the screen a lot between commanding each unit.