Does Fire Emblem Engage have multiplayer? Answered

Engage with friends and enemies.

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Fire Emblem Engage has taken many aspects from other fire Emblem games and tried to improve them. The game puts a focus more on strategic gameplay than a slew of social mechanics that more recent Fire Emblem titles have had. Multiplayer is an aspect that Fire Emblem has tried its hand at before, and it has worked to varying degrees, but does Fire Emblem Engage have multiplayer?

Is there multiplayer in Fire Emblem Engage?

Yes, to some degree, Fire Emblem Engage does have multiplayer, but not to the degree of playing with other players. How Engage does multiplayer is through a facility in the hub world called Tower of Trials, which allows you to face different challenges both solo and with other players online.

Tower of Trials

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Through the Tower of Trials, you can do Relay Trials which allow you and another online player to control a single army, taking turns controlling characters against an AI opponent. These Relay Trials can be completed with up to five players and have a turn limit, ensuring that these multiplayer sessions don’t last forever. How much control you have over your army is dependent on how many players there are, and what your turn limit is.

Map Editor

Fire Emblem Engage also has a map creator/editor that allows you to build your own maps and post them online for other players to battle on. While making these maps, you can also choose where and how to put your army on your created maps. You can also challenge other players and try to defeat their challenge maps. Doing so will provide you with additional rewards.

If these game modes are a hit has yet to be seen. Making Fire Emblem into a multiplayer experience has always been a hot debate within the community. Multiplayer Fire Emblem always has a lot of downtime where one player isn’t doing anything for an extended period, just like in Engage’s Replay Trials.